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Cardiovascular Drug Reviews

Table of Contents

Volume 11, No. 2

149 Obituary—Austin E. Doyle
Kevin Higgins
151 Cardiovascular Actions of U50,488H and Related Kappa Agonists
Michael K. Pugsley, William P. Penz and M. J. A. Walker
165 AH13205: A Selective Prostanoid EP2-Receptor Agonist
Anthony T. Nials, Christopher J. Vardey, Lois H. Denyer, Malcolm Thomas, Susan J. Sparrow, Gillian D. Shepherd and Robert A. Coleman
180 Clopidogrel: A Novel Antiplatelet and Antithrombotic Agent
J. M. Herbert, D. Frehel, E. Vallee, G. Kieffer, D. Gouy, Y. Berger, G. Defreyn and J. P. Maffrand
199 Levcromakalim
T. C. Hamilton, A. Beerahee, J. S. Moen, R. K. Price, J. V. Ramji and J. C. Clapham
223 Cardiovascular Profile of E4080 and Its Analogue ER001533, Novel Potassium Channel Openers with Bradycardic Properties
Andre Terzic, Robert T. Tung, Win K. Shen, Mitsuhiko Yamada and Yoshihisa Kurachi
234 Moricizine Hydrochloride: Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, and Clinical Studies
Paul F. Weber, Carol A. DeGaetano, Amy H. Korobow, Patricia A. Zimmer, Richard J. Piazza, Silvana A. Giustino, Debra Coté and Walter Flamenbaum