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Cardiovascular Drug Reviews

Table of Contents

Volume 12, No. 3

195 Nexopamil (LU 49938), a Combined Ca2+ Channel Blocker and 5HT2 Receptor Antagonist
Michael Kirchengast
208 Dopropidil, a Novel Antianginal Calcium Modulating Agent
J. Planellas, Ph. Coudray, E. Winslow and R. Massingham
225 Factor Xa Inhibitors as Novel Antithrombotic Agents: Facts and Perspectives
Brigitte Kaiser and Jörg Hauptmann
237 BRB-I-28: a Novel Class 1b Antiarrhythmic Agent
C. L. Chen, S. Sangiah, K. D. Berlin, B. Scherlag, E. Patterson and R. Lazarrai
254 Pharmacological Characteristics of Monatepil (AJ-2615), a Ca2+-Entry Blocker of a Novel Structure with Alpha-Adrenoceptor Antagonistic and Antidyslipidemic Effects
Hiroshi Takeuchi, Guo Jun Liu, Kanoo Hosoki and Tadahiko Karasawa