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Cardiovascular Drug Reviews

Table of Contents

Volume 13, No. 3

211 Pharmacology and Clinical Use of the New ACE-Inhibitor Moexipril
Michael Stimpel, Rainer Bonn, Brigitte Koch and Kenneth Dickstein
230 Valsartan: Preclinical and Clinical Profile of an Antihypertensive Angiotensin-II Antagonist
Leoluca Criscione, William A. Bradley, Peter Bühlmayer, Steve Whitebread, Robert Glazer, Peter Lloyd, Philipp Mueller and Marc de Gasparo
251 OPC-18790, A New Positive Inotropic Agent
Keitaro Hashimoto, Toyoki Mori and Youichi Yabuuchi
260 BDF 9148—A Sodium Channel Modulator with Positive Inotropic Action
Ursula Ravens, Gregory J. Amos, Thomas Ehring and Gerd Heusch
275 Sulfhydryl-Containing Nitrate Esters: A New Class of Nitric Oxide Donor
Georg Kojda, Martin Feelisch and Eike Noack
289 BMY 42393, An Orally Active Prostacyclin Partial Agonist of Novel Structure
Steven M. Seiler and Nicholas A. Meanwell