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Cardiovascular Drug Reviews

Table of Contents

Volume 13, No. 4

307 Obituary—Dr. J. W. Constantine
Albert Weissman
309 Biochemical and Pharmacological Properties of SR 33805, a Novel Ca2+ Channel Antagonist
P. Chatelain, X. Fontaine, A. S. Manning and J. M. Herbert
339 NKH477: A New Inotropic Agent
Motoshi Takeuchi, Hideyuki Takaoka, Katsuya Hata, Masuki Mori, Hideyuki Yamakawa, Kozo Yamaguchi and Mitsuhiro Yokoyama
353 Picotamide: An Inhibitor of the Formation and Effects of TxA2
Pietro Amedeo Modesti
365 Zatebradine: Pharmacological Activity and Potential Therapeutic Benefit of Sino-atrial Node Modulators
Antoine Bril, Jean-François Faivre and Bernard Gout
379 Arbutamine: A Novel Catecholamine for Pharmacologic Diagnosis of Coronary Disease
Mark Young, Christopher Valcke, Kevin Mullane and Peter Gardiner
399 AUTHOR INDEX for Volume 13
400 SUBJECT INDEX for Volume 13