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Cardiovascular Drug Reviews

Table of Contents

Volume 14, No. 2

97 Pharmacological Profile and Therapeutic Perspectives of Semotiadil Fumarate (SD-3211): A Novel Benzothiazine Ca2+ Antagonist
Koichi Nakayama
135 Electropharmacology of SD-3212: A New Antiarrhythmic Agent
Itsuo Kodama, Ryoko Suzuki, Haruo Honjo, Nobuaki Miyawaki and Junji Toyama
148 FK409: A Novel Spontaneous NO Releaser: Comparative Pharmacological Studies With ISDN
Yasuhiro Kita, Yoshimi Hirasawa, Shinichi Fukuyama and Keizo Yoshida
165 Pharmacology of S 21402 (RB 105): A Dual Inhibitor of Neutral Endopeptidase and Angiotensin Converting Enzyme
Walter Gonzalez, Marie-Claude Fourniť-Zaluski, Serge Turcaud, Bernard-Pierre Roques and Jean-Baptiste Michel
185 Calcium-sensitizing Drugs: Positive Inotropy by Enhanced Sensitivity of the Contractile Apparatus to Calcium
Luc Ver Donck