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Neva Press, Inc. 2005

Cardiovascular Drug Reviews

Table of Contents

Volume 16, No. 1

1 Tetrandrine
Yi-Tsau Huang and Chuang-Ye Hong
16 The Pharmacological Profile of FCE 27677:  A Novel ACAT Inhibitor with Potent Hypolipidemic Activity Mediated by Selective Suppression of the Hepatic Secretion of ApoB-100-Containing Lipoprotein
Giancarlo Ghiselli
31 NO-Aspirins:   Antithrombotic Activity of Derivatives of Acetyl Salicylic Acid Releasing Nitric Oxide
Pietro Minuz, Clara Lechi, Valeria Zuliani, Stefania Gaino, Rosamaria Tommasoli and Alessandro Lechi
48 Orally Active Isoxazoline GPIIb/IIIa Antagonists
Shaker A. Mousa and John Wityak
62 Clinical and Pharmacological Effects of Denopamine, an Orally Active 1 Agonist
Yoshizumi Habuchi, Hideo Tanaka and Manabu Yoshimura
76 A Protein Kinase Inhibitor, Fasudil (AT-877):  A Novel Approach to Signal Transduction Therapy
Toshio Asano, Ichiro Ikegaki, Shin-ichi Satoh, Minoru Seto and Yasuharu Sasaki