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Neva Press, Inc. 2005

Cardiovascular Drug Reviews

Table of Contents

Volume 16, No. 4

319 Fosinopril:   Emerging Considerations and Implications for Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor Therapy
Domenic A. Sica, Todd W.B. Gehr, Nicole Kelleher and Mel Blumenthal
346 [+]-EMD 60263:  A Novel Selective Calcium Sensitizing Agent
Ursula Ravens and Herbert M. Himmel
359 Trimetazidine:   Experimental and Clinical Update Review
Edith Albengres, Jean-Paul Tillement, HervJ Le Louet and Didier Morin
391 Pharmacology of EndothelinA Receptor Antagonist LU 135252
P. Rohmeiss, R. Birck, K. Mhnter, F.J. van der Woude and M. Kirchengast
Meeting Reports
413 Ninth International Symposium on Vascular Neuroeffector Mechanisms.  Porto, Portugal.   August 2-5, 1998.  Satellite Symposium of the 13th International Congress on Pharmacology.  Mhnchen, Germany.   July 26-31, 1998.
Serafim Guimarnes and Daniel Moura
420 7th International Conference on Peripheral Dopamine.  Dublin, Ireland.  August 3-5, 1998.
Christopher Bell
424 Acknowledgement of Reviewers
425 AUTHOR INDEX for Volume 16
426 SUBJECT INDEX for Volume 16