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Neva Press, Inc. 2005

Cardiovascular Drug Reviews

Table of Contents

Volume 17, No. 2

115 Preclinical Profile of Zofenopril:  An Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor With Peculiar Cardioprotective Properties
A. Subissi, S. Evangelista and A. Giachetti
134 Na+/H+-Exchange Inhibition by Cariporide (Hoe 642):  A New Principle in Cardiovascular Medicine
Stefan Dhein and Aida Salameh
147 FK633:   A Potent and Selective Platelet GPIIb/IIIa Antagonist
Toshiaki Aoki, Kayoko Harada, Jiro Seki, Akito Tanaka, Hisashi Takasugi and Yukio Motoyama
160 Antiatherogenic Properties of Naringenin, a Citrus Flavonoid
Lisa J. Wilcox, Nica M. Borradaile and Murray W. Huff
179 Dihydropyridine Calcium Antagonist-Induced Modulation of Endothelial Function:  A Review
R. Berkels, R. Roesen, S. Dhein, U. Fricke and W. Klaus
Meeting Reports
187 Current Issues in Hypertension:  A Report From the Eleventh Congress of the Southern Africa Hypertension Society.  Durban, Natal, South Africa.  March 21-24, 1998.
D. P. Naidoo and Y. K. Seedat
192 Experimental Biology '99.  Washington, D.C.  April 17-21, 1999.
Alexander Scriabine