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Neva Press, Inc. 2005

Cardiovascular Drug Reviews

Table of Contents

Volume 22, No. 2


71 Ramatroban (BAY u 3405):  A Novel Dual Antagonist of TXA2 Receptor and CRTH2, a Newly Identified Prostaglandin D2 Receptor
Toshiaki Ishizuka, Takemi Matsui, Yasuhiro Okamoto, Atsuko Ohta and Michitaka Shichijo
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91 Pharmacological Effects of Xanthones as Cardiovascular Protective Agents
De-Jian Jiang, Zhong Dai and Yuan-Jian Li
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103 Bimatoprost:  A Novel Antiglaucoma Agent
D. F. Woodward, R. L. Phelps, A. H-P. Krauss, A. Weber, B. Short, J. Chen, Y. Liang and L. A. Wheeler
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121 Low-Molecular-Weight Heparins in Thrombosis and Cancer:  Emerging Links
Shaker A. Mousa
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135 Treatment of Portal Hypertension with NCX-1000, a Liver-Specific NO donor.  A Review of its Current Status
Stefano Fiorucci, Elisabetta Antonelli, Paola Tocchetti and Antonio Morelli
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147 HDL Cholesterol:  Metabolic Pathways and Drug Developments.  Fifth Annual International Conference of the Knowledge Foundation.  Cambridge, MA.  March 8-9, 2004
Alexander Scriabine
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