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Cardiovascular Drug Reviews

Table of Contents

Volume 22, No. 3


155 Pharmacological Mechanisms of Clinically Favorable Properties of a Selective b1-Adrenoceptor Antagonist, Nebivolol
Alexey Kuroedov, Francesco Cosentino and Thomas F. Lüscher
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169 Cardiovascular Protective Effects of Resveratrol
Silvia Bradamante, Livia Barenghi and Alessandro Villa
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189 Pharmacological and Clinical Studies with Temocapril, an Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor that is Excreted in the Bile
Kenichi Yasunari, Kensaku Maeda, Munehiro Nakamura, Takanori Watanabe, Junichi Yoshikawa and Akira Asada
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199 Clinical Potential of Lomerizine, a Ca2+ Channel Blocker as an Anti-Glaucoma Drug:  Effects on Ocular Circulation and Retinal Neuronal Damage
Hideaki Hara, Nobuko Toriu and Masamitsu Shimazawa
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215 Prevention of Cardiovascular Complications of Diabetes Mellitus by Aspirin
Candi Nobles-James, Erskine A. James and James R. Sowers
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227 Pharmacodynamic, Pharmacokinetic and Clinical Effects of Clevidipine, an Ultrashort-Acting Calcium Antagonist for Rapid Blood Pressure Control
Margareta Nordlander, Per-Ove Sjöquist, Hans Ericsson and Lars Rydén
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251 Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia and Stroke.  Utilizing Evidence to Improve Outcome.  New York Academy of Medicine Symposium.  New York, NY.  May 17-18, 2004.
Alexander Scriabine
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258 Symposia at the 19th Annual Meeting of American Society of Hypertension.  New York, NY.  May 19, 2004.
Alexander Scriabine
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