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Cardiovascular Drug Reviews

Table of Contents

Volume 23, No. 1


1 Pharmacological Profile and Therapeutic Potential of BM-573, a Combined Thromboxane Receptor Antagonist and Synthase Inhibitor
Alexandre Ghuysen, Jean-Michel Dogné, Patrice Chiap, Stéphanie Rolin, Bernard Masereel, Bernard Lambermont, Philippe Kolh, Vincent Tchana-Sato, Julien Hanson and Vincent D'Orio
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15 Colesevelam:  Potential Uses for the Newest Bile Resin
Karen L. Steinmetz and Kristine S. Schonder
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31 The Preclinical Pharmacology of BIBN4096BS, a CGRP Antagonist
Debbie L. Hay and David Poyner
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43 Bunazosin, a Selective α1-Adrenoceptor Antagonist, as an Anti-glaucoma Drug:  Effects on Ocular Circulation and Retinal Neuronal Damage
Hideaki Hara, Masaki Ichikawa, Hidehiro Oku, Masamitsu Shimazawa and Makoto Araie
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57 Efficacy and Safety of Sitosterol in the Management of Blood Cholesterol Levels
Maria Luz Fernandez and Sonia Vega-López
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71   Pharmacological Mechanisms Contributing to the Clinical Efficacy of Levosimendan
Zoltán Papp, Kálmán Csapó Piero Pollesello, Heimo Haikala, István Édes
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