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CNS Drug Reviews

Table of Contents

Volume 1, No. 2

129 The Pharmacology of GYKI-46 903, a New Cognition Enhancer
Beáta Vitális, Anna Bakonyi, Viola Csillik-Perczel, Edit Horváth, Katalin Horváth, Ildikó Máté, József I. Székely, Tilahun Yemane, Gizella Ábrahám, Sándor Sólyom and László G. Hársing, Jr.
149 Lifarizine: A Blocker of Inactivated Voltage-dependent Sodium Channels and Calcium Channels with Cerebral Neuroprotective Action
C. M. Brown, W. R. Rush and H. A. Colquhoun
168 Imidazenil: A Potent Benzodiazepine Partial Positive Modulator of GABAergic Transmission Virtually Devoid of Tolerance Liability
Erminio Costa, D. M. Thompson, J. Auta and A. Guidotti
190 Lamotrigine
John A. Messenheimer
204 Lomerizine (KB-2696), a New Antimigraine Drug
Hideaki Hara, Tominori Morita, Takayuki Sukamoto and F. Michael Cutrer
227 Glycine Site Agonists of the NMDA Receptor: A Review
Deepak Cyril D'Souza, Dennis Charney and John Krystal
261 4-Aminopyridine: Use in Multiple Sclerosis
Christopher T. Bever, Jr.
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282 AUTHOR INDEX for Volume 1