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Neva Press, Inc. 2005

CNS Drug Reviews

Table of Contents

Volume 3, No. 1

1 Antiobsessional and Antidepressant Profile of Besipirdine
C. P. Smith, A. T. Woods-Kettelberger, R. Corbett, J. E. Roehr, G. M. Bores, A. Giovanni, M. R. Szewczak, D. K. Rush, L. L. Martin, J. T. Klein, D. J. Turk, E. M. DiLeo, R. C. Effland, F. P. Huger and S. Kongsamut
24 Unique Pharmacological Profile of a Novel Antipsychotic, Aripirazole (OPC-148)
Masashi Sasa and Taku Amano
34 Nefazodone: A Review of its Neurochemical Mechanisms, Pharmacokinetics and Therapeutic Use in Major Depressive Disorder
Handan He and J. Steven Richardson
49 MDL 100,907:  A Selective 5HT2A Receptor Antagonist in the Treatment of Schizophrenia
Christopher J. Schmidt, John M. Kehne and Albert A. Carr
68 Role of 5-HT1A Receptors in Acquisition, Consolidation and Retrieval of Learning
Alfredo Meneses and Enrique Hong
83 Neuroprotective Profile of Riluzole in In Vivo Models of Acute Degenerative Diseases
J. M. Stutzman, F. Wahl, J. Pratt, V. Mary, M. Reibaud, E. Tecoult and R. Rataud