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CNS Drug Reviews

Table of Contents

Volume 3, No. 4

301 Preclinical Pharmacology of TAK-147:  A Novel Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitor, as a Potential Therapeutic Drug for Alzheimer's Disease
Masaomi Miyamoto and Giichi Goto
325 Pharmacological Characterization of RJR-2403:  A Nicotinic Agonist with Potential Therapeutic Benefit in the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
M. Bencherif, G. Byrd, W. S. Caldwell, J. R. Hayes and P. M. Lippiello
346 3-alpha-tropanyl 2-(4-Cl-phenoxy)butyrate (SM 21):  A Review of the Pharmacological Profile of a Novel Enhancer of Cholinergic Transmission
C. Ghelardini, N. Galeotti, F. Gualtieri, S. Scapecchi and A. Barolini
Meeting Reports
363 The Ninth Annual Meeting of the Winter Conference on Neural Plasticity.  St. Lucia, West Indies.  February 22, to March 1, 1997
Ted L. Petit
372 The Fifth Annual Dynamical Neuroscience Satellite Symposium:  Integrating Observations Across Scales.  New Orleans, Louisiana.  October 24-25, 1997
Nicole M. Strangman
384 Third Annual Promega Neurosciences Symposium.  Molecular Approaches to Neurodegenerative Diseases.  New Orleans, LA.  October 25, 1997
Neal Cosby, Randy Hoffman and Mary Haak-Frendscho
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