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CNS Drug Reviews

Table of Contents

Volume 5, No. 4

317 NNC-711:  An Inhibitor of GABA Uptake with Selective Affinity to GAT-1
Hana Kubová
331 Isatin, an Endogenous MAO Inhibitor, as a New Biological Modulator
Naoya Hamaue, Masaru Minami, Masahiko Hirafuji, Mutsuko Terado, Minoru Machida, Noriko Yamazaki, Mitsuhiro Yoshioka, Akihiko Ogata and Kunio Tashiro
347 ß2-Adrenoceptor Agonist Clenbuterol Causes NGF Expression and Neuroprotection
Yuan Zhu and Josef Krieglstein
365 SGB-017 (ADCI):   A Novel Anticonvulsant with a Dual Mechanism of Action
Stephen S. Lin and Lucy R. Sun
379 Alcohol and Neurodegeneration
Fulton T. Crews
Meeting Reports
395 The Third International Conference on Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, and Acute Stroke.  Princeton, NJ.  July 26-27, 1999.
Alexander Scriabine
400 AUTHOR INDEX for Volume 5
401 SUBJECT INDEX for Volume 5
404 Acknowledgement of Reviewers