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CNS Drug Reviews

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Volume 6, No. 1

1 Analgesic Properties of Ziconotide, a Selective Blocker of N-Type Neuronal Calcium Channels
Yong-Xiang Wang and S. Scott Bowersox
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21 A Review of the Neurotrophic and Neuroprotective Properties of ONO-1603:  Comparison with Those of Tetrahydroaminoacridine, an Antidementia Drug
Nobuo Katsube and Ryoichi Ishitani
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35 Overview of the Pharmacological Features of Honokiol
Yuji Maruyama and Hisashi Kuribara
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45 Central Nervous System Effects of Celastrol, a Potent Antioxidant and Antiinflammatory Agent
Anthony C. Allison, R. Cacabelos, V. R. M. Lombardi, X. A. Álvarez and Carmen Vigo
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63 Pharmacological Characterization of the Novel ACh Releaster a-tropanyl 2-(4-bromophenyl)propionate (PG-9)
C. Ghelardini, N. Galeotti, M. N. Romanelli, F. Gualtieri and A. Bartolini
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Meeting Report
79 29th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience.  New Drugs Affeting the Central Nervous System.  Miami Beach, FL.  October 23-28, 1999.
Alexander Scriabine
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