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Neva Press, Inc. 2005

CNS Drug Reviews

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Volume 6, No. 2

95 Atypical Antipsychotic Profile of NRA0045, a Novel Dopamine D4 Receptor, 5-Hydroxytryptamine2A (5-HT2A) Receptor and a1 Adrenoceptor Antagonist
Shigeyuki Chaki, Atsuro Nakazato and Shigeru Okuyama
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111 Sipatrigine (BW 619C89) is a Neuroprotective Agent and a Sodium Channel and Calcium Channel Inhibitor
Atticus H. Hainsworth, Alessandro Stefani, Paolo Calabresi, Terence W. Smith and Michael J. Leach
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135 GV 150526:  A Neuroprotective Agent
Fabio Bordi, Manolo Mugnaini, Andrea Terron, Robert Barnaby and Angelo Reggiani
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153 SNX-482:  A Novel Class E Calcium Channel Antagonist from Tarantula Venom
Robert Newcomb, Xiao-hua Chen, Robin Dean, Govindin Dayanithi, Ruth Cong, Balazs Szoke, Jose Lemos, Scott Bowersox and George Miljanich
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Meeting Reports
174 Fifth Annual Promega Neurosciences Symposium:  Gene Therapy Approaches to Neurodegenerative Disease.  Miami Beach, FL.  November 6, 1999.
Kirmo Wartiovaara, Randy Hoffman and Neal Cosby
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179   29th Annual Meeting of New England Pharmacologists.  Brown University,  Providence, RI.  January 28-29, 2000.
Alexander Scriabine
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