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Neva Press, Inc. 2005

CNS Drug Reviews

Table of Contents

Volume 11, No. 2


97 UFP-101:  A Peptide Antagonist Selective for the Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ Receptor
Girolamo Calo, Remo Guerrini, Anna Rizzi, Severo Salvadori, Melissa Burmeister, Daniel R. Kapusta, David G. Lambert and Domenico Regoli
[Abstract] [Article] [Single Reprint]
113 KTX 0101:  A Potential Metabolic Approach to Cytoprotection in Major Surgery and Neurological Disorders
Sharon L. Smith, David J. Heal and Keith F. Martin
[Abstract] [Article] [Single Reprint]
141 Therapeutic Potential of Wogonin:  A Naturally Occurring Flavonoid
Man Chun Tai, Shui Ying Tsang, Lawrence Y. F. Chang and Hong Xue
[Abstract] [Article] [Single Reprint]
151   Mildronate:  An Antiischemic Drug for Neurological Indications
Nikolajs Sjakste. Aleksandrs Gutcaits and Ivars Kalvinsh
[Abstract] [Article] [Single Reprint]
169   Piracetam:  A Review of Pharmacological Properties and Clinical Uses
Bengt Winblad
[Abstract] [Article] [Single Reprint]
183   Neuroprotection by Rasagiline:  A New Therapeutic Approach to Parkinson's Disease?
Fabio Blandini
[Abstract] [Article] [Single Reprint]
195   Bremazocine:  A ĸ-Opioid Agonist with Potent Analgesic and Other Pharmacologic Properties
Juanita Dortch-Carnes and David E. Potter
[Abstract] [Article] [Single Reprint]
213   The 17th Annual Meeting of the Winter Conference on Neural Plasticity.  Guadeloupe, French West Indies.  February 19-26, 2005.
Ted L. Petit
[Article] [Single Reprint]
223   Potential CNS Drugs.  Experimental Biology 2005 Meeting.  San Diego, CA.  April 2-6, 2005
Alexander Scriabine
[Article] [Single Reprint]
227   Julius Axelrod
Richard Kvetnansky
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