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CNS Drug Reviews

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Volume 11, No. 3


229 Cotinine, a Neuroactive Metabolite of Nicotine:  Potential for Treating Disorders of Impaired Cognition
Alvin V. Terry, Jr., Caterina M. Hernandez, Elizabeth J. Hohnadel, Kristy P. Bouchard, and Jerry J. Buccafusco
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253 Ropinirole, a Non-Ergoline Dopamine Agonist
Wolfgang H. Jost and Dieter Angersbach
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273 Pharmacological Properties, Central Nervous System Effects, and Potential Therapeutic Applications of Atipamezole, a Selective α2-Adrenoceptor Antagonist
Antti Pertovaara, Antti Haapalinna, Jouni Sirviö and Raimo Virtanen
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289   Preclinical Neuropharmacology of Naratriptan
Geoffrey A. Lambert
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317   Clinical Potential of GABAB Receptor Modulators
Jennifer Ong and David I. B. Kerr
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335   Alzheimer’s Association International Conference on Prevention of Dementia.  Washington, D.C.  June 18–21, 2005.
Alexander Scriabine
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339   IBC’s 10th Annual World Congress.  Drug Discovery Technology and Development 2005.  Boston, MA.  August 8–11, 2005.
Alexander Scriabine
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